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An introduction to Search

SEO can be a confusing and daunting subject for those looking to ‘break in’.  The industry is full of varying opinions, too much jargon and not enough facts (or results!).  The slightly ambiguous nature of the SEO industry should not put you off though.  Google is very clear in regards to the ‘rules’, and has laid them out for all to see in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

In this relatively short taster session, we want to explain the foundations of SEO in easily understandable terms.  We will cut through the wall of terminology so that at the end of the session you will understand not only how Google operates and what to look out for, but also have a better understanding of the inevitably ‘SEO talk’ that you will encounter on your travels into the world of search engine optimisation.


What is Covered?

We believe that it is essential to start from the very beginning when trying to learn SEO.  It is too easy to dive straight into the more infamous aspects of SEO like link building.  We take the time to explain how Google came about and how their algorithm works.  This search engine theory provides a strong foundation to build upon when getting into the more nitty gritty aspects of SEO.
Following on naturally from the search engine theory, comprehensive research acts as the focal point of any SEO strategy.  Missed details during research can often come back to bite you later on and create additional work.  As such, making sure that you understand how to research every aspect of your SEO campaign will mean that you can avoid this very common pitfall.

Keyword research, competitor research and industry research are all absolutely crucial in making sure that nothing is missed.  You are the detectives in your own little SEO version of CSI!

The power of proper onsite optimisation should never be underestimated.   Some onsite factors are more powerful (in an SEO sense) than others so we ensure that you understand the most important onsite factors so that you can make your website work for you.
In simplistic terms, offsite optimisation usually refers to link building.  Despite murmurs in the SEO landscape, link building is still a vital part of any SEO campaign and should be taken very seriously.  We teach you how to link build using quality channels rather than those spammy alternatives which will result in future Google penalties.
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