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Knowledge is Power

A great course for many.  Designed to suit the needs of most people this one day course assumes a limited knowledge of SEO.  It is specifically tailored to the websites and requirements of all attendees and covers everything from how search engines work, through the research and implementation of onsite, all the way to link building and Google Analytics.

A wide variety of clients have found our one day SEO course beneficial:


  • Business owners and marketing executives that want to further their knowledge within the field so that they can run as much of their SEO in house as possible.
  • Anybody responsible for the SEO of a website but is currently outsourcing to a third party.  With the rather ‘hit and miss’ nature of hiring an agency, this day will arm you with the relevant knowledge to keep a very close eye on the work you are paying for.  No longer will 75% those reports you receive be incomprehensible.  Terminology will make sense and you will be able to lend a more analytical eye to the proposed SEO campaign.
  • Those who are looking to enter into a career in SEO.  During an interview you can talk articulately about the search landscape and demonstrate the relevant knowledge to land a job in the industry!

What is Covered?

How does Google work?  Bots crawl websites?  The algorithm determines rankings?  Yes, but how does it actually work?

Too many people have a limited understanding of how Google operates.  At Discover Search we are confident that understanding the theory behind how Google reads sites, crawls the web and determines rankings will pay dividends when understanding the more complex issues around SEO.  This knowledge also helps to understand why Google have brought out certain updates and also why White Hat SEO is all about great content.

Many attendees of this course will already have had a dabble at SEO on their own sites.  They may even have had some success.  However, in the majority cases basic research has not been thorough enough.  No offence intended!

We show you how to spy on your competitors and identify their main keywords along with helping you to structure your keyword plan in accordance with your website.  During this session we use attendees websites as live examples and teach you how to correctly navigate Google’s keyword planner to identify the most lucrative keywords for your campaign.

Now that you understand how Google works and have chosen your keywords, it is time to make sure that your website accurately reflects your SEO plan.   Onsite optimisation is not just about putting keywords in your title tags.  It is about making sure that heading tags are used properly, alt attributes are utilised where possible, duplicate content issues are addressed, rectified, and much more.

Having water tight onsite should be the first thing on your list after research and before you move on to content, link building or social media.

We will also look at structural issues such as information architecture and navigation in order to make sure that the user experience is as high as possible.

Often the first thing on people’s lips when talking about search engine optimisation.  The Penguin Update of 2012 brought the seedy underbelly of link building into the forefront of people’s minds.  Sure, backlinks are important, but one must exercise a considerable amount of caution when trying to boost a backlink portfolio.

We feel it is important to show the various link building techniques that have been adopted by SEO’s throughout the years.  Much like the search engine theory session this history helps set the scene.  Subsequently, it is much easier to understand why certain practices have been penalised and therefore also easier to avoid them.  We run through the best ways to link build, tactics and techniques as well as touching on a little bit of link bait.

Content is King – the new favourite phrase for the majority of the SEO industry.

Great content can be the catalyst for natural links, better user experience and higher conversions.  So take heed and listen.  We not only analyse your current onsite and offsite content but also look at tactics successfully employed by other companies.  Brainstorming is encouraged in this session!

We also show you how to make the most of your content through social media channels.

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