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How to conduct keyword research in 2015

In years gone past keyword research was a relatively simple proposition, simply visit Google’s keyword tool (now replaced with the Keyword planner) and type in a few guideline search terms.  The keyword tool would then do most of the work by providing suggested keywords and fairly reliable data on search volume.  Whilst this was not […]

Will Mark Wright’s ‘Climb Online’ Succeed?

If you haven’t watched the latest season of The Apprentice, the winner’s business proposition was an online digital marketing company.  In short, the main focus would be on SEO.  In fact SEO was the only service that was mentioned in the initial proposition.  Heads were most likely shaking and sighs released from anyone who works […]

Is ‘Evergreen Content’ the new favourite SEO buzzword?

As with any industry, the world of search engine optimisation likes buzzwords. In fact I would go so far as to suggest that SEOs like buzzwords more than most. I’m not talking about ‘touching base’ or even companies offering ‘innovative solutions’ (although they still abound in SEO). No – we seem to prefer industry specific […]
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