Why YOU are a key factor in your SEO

Outsourcing your SEO?  How involved are you in the campaign?  If the answer is “they just do all of it” then you might find yourself wasting some hard earned cash….and here’s why:

There is no denying the fact that SEOs bring a lot to a campaign.  In the end, they are the experts at getting a site ranking and have the relevant technical knowledge that you might be lacking.  They are also the ones being paid to do so and as a result can dedicate more time to it than you.  However, the world of search engine optimisation has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and will continue to do so.  You may have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ or ‘Evergreen Content’ (they set my teeth on edge) but there is no smoke without fire.  There has been a shift in SEO from proactively ‘building’ links, to creating content that is so useful and engaging that relevant sources naturally link to, or cite it.  Not an easy task, but more than doable.  But….there is a ‘but’.  Yes, well designed illustrations or info graphics can potentially gain exposure but in many industries there comes a time when people want to read something that strikes a chord with them.  Maybe it is a thoroughly researched paper on a particular shift within an industry, or even just some honest home truths about some of the negative aspects of an industry.  Can an SEO really articulate these various niche issues better than someone who is actively involved in the industry?  This is YOUR area of expertise!

Finding the time between your day to day job, dealing with clients, going to meetings and having a social life is hard but trust me, it will pay dividends.  Delegate if you have to.  Just find the time to help your SEO with some industry specific content.  I am not saying that your SEO is worthless – far from it.  There are numerous other issues that he or she can be working on.  The thing is that too many SEOs and clients consider themselves to be separate entities.  Sure, technically this is true, but aren’t you both working towards the same goal?  Why not help make it a mutually beneficial relationship by investing some of your time into making your SEO campaign more effective?

A recent blog post on YouMoz discussed how SEOs can benefit from working one day a month at a client’s office in order to understand the business better.  Great idea.  Why not (as a client) spend one day a month dedicated to working with your SEO to help out with content?  Collaboration will only help the process.  Lend your knowledge to the campaign and help attract your peers – if anything you can count it as a PR exercise in developing your brand or company as a thought leader in the industry.  Whichever way you want to package it, as the expert in your industry you are the best suited to helping create great content.  And as we all know….content is king (a little more of me just died having to type that again).

I had to change the title of this article from “Why YOU are the best person for your SEO” to “Why YOU are a key factor in your SEO” because the first title was not strictly true.  Of course (shameless plug) if you came to our SEO workshops then you may well develop enough knowledge to be the most valuable person in regards to your own SEO.  In the meantime, your SEO can analyse your site, make sure your onsite is in line with research (and gleaming with excellence) along with  100 and 1 other factors. You should not leave it at that.  Showcase your carefully garnered expertise and help to create the very best content that will make your peers jealous.

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