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At Discover Search we understand that business owners or marketing managers often like to take charge of their own SEO and run the campaign in house.  However, often they simply do not have the time to either keep up with all the updates or perform regular check ups on their website.  This is where we come in.  Unlike the half day taster course for beginners, this half day workshop is for those that already understand the basics but want a refresher.  An analysis of their current strategy and processes is conducted and any developments in the world of SEO are made clear.

The world of search engine optimisation is forever changing and often minor tweaks to a campaign can yield incredible results.  That is what this workshop is for; to help you keep your finger on the pulse.


p.s this is not a training session.  More of a consultancy session.  For training workshops please see the full day and 2 day courses.

What is Covered?

Google is constantly bringing out updates, however large or small.  If you have attended one of our training courses these updates should come as no surprise, but it is always prudent to keep up to date with the industry.

We run through updates that you might have missed and also ones that we suspect will be imminent.  Keeping in touch with announcements from Google is an incredibly important aspect of SEO, although if you follow our advice you should not be scared of any penalties!

Your campaign should have clear aims (get to the top of Google!) and a strong plan of action.  It all sounds very tedious, but in actual fact your strategy is the foundation upon which your success is built.  Search behaviour can change, strategies may change, business forecasts might change, and indeed the focus of your website may change.  Because of this it is necessary to have an honest appraisal of your SEO campaign on a regular basis in order to make sure that the strategy matches the plans for your website.

We appraise the current status of your SEO in relation to your website and discuss any necessary changes.  This may be as simple as adding new pages, switching the focus of certain sections or can involve a complete overhaul of your strategy.  We aim for you to leave the course with a water tight plan of action.

In tandem with the strategy analysis, we also have a look at any links that have been built and any that are pending.  Links can be a very effective tool but are also the most volatile part of SEO.  Any issues with your backlink portfolio will be addressed and explained.
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