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SEO has been around in different forms long before the internet became widely used.  Believe it or not, even before Google existed (shock horror). In the good ‘ol days alphabetically sorted information presented the opportunity to take advantage of those users who were looking for information quickly and were unlikely to browse extensively to compare and contrast.   Therefore, in anything that was alphabetically sorted you could potentially become more visible through having a name that appeared first, i.e starting with ‘A’ for example, ‘AAC taxis’, ‘A1 Accountants’ or indeed ‘Apple’.

The most widely manipulated source for information prior to the internet was of course the phonebook and having recently watched the 2013 film JOBS starring Ashton Kutcher playing the recently deceased Steve Jobs, I chuckled when for a fleeting moment the film gives a little nod to the early days of SEO.  Ashton Kutcher (playing Steve Jobs) and Josh Gad (playing Steve Wozniak) are in the car thinking of names for their new company, during which Kutcher comes up with Apple.  I have included the clip for you below.  It is the smallest of one liners and would most likely have been missed by the majority of users, but I am sure SEO’s around the world looked picked up on it “it comes before Atari in the phonebook too”.

Having done a little more digging on the subject (after all it would not be particularly credible if I was basing this upon a single line spoken by Ashton Kutcher in a film) it would appear that appearing before Atari was indeed a factor in why they stuck with the name Apple Computer.  It doesn’t matter how small a factor it might have been….it was still a factor.  The great Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who founded a multibillion dollar company and revolutionised many people’s lives still had one eye on a basic form of SEO.  I have also included some other clips which show this:
In today’s modern SEO landscape there is so much focus on Google that it is hard to imagine a world before the giant search engine.  However, for all the publicity that Google has brought to spam, it shows that they are not the only source of information that has been manipulated in order for individuals or companies to become more visible.  People will always try to find loop holes in any sort of system in order to gain an edge, Google is no different.  Rest assured that if Google is usurped in the future that whoever or whatever replaces them will face the same issues.   Unfortunately the Yellow Pages could do very little against such a primitive form of SEO, whilst nowadays such obvious manipulation is not so effective.  The game has become much more complex and although there are certain loopholes that are still ‘open’ one can legitimately expect them to be closed at some point.  As such, in our opinion, playing by the rules and gaining results as organically as possible is the only sustainable approach to SEO.
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