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Our most popular option! This is the perfect course for those who want to run their SEO themselves.  We teach you everything you need to know to get your website to the top of the rankings!

You might be wondering what the difference is between the 2 day course and the one day workshop: more detail, more practical work and some bonus material such as social media.  Ideally you would already have a website but it is not essential.  Everything is covered, from initial research right through to producing the right content and how to gain more exposure across the internet.

This training course is filled with practical work which allows you to get a feel of what is needed and also gives you the chance to ask any questions before you go at it alone.

What is Covered?

As with all of our training sessions we cover the history of search engines and how Google burst onto the scene and secured such a significant market share.  This section covers everything from the initial PageRank algorithm which differentiated their results from other keyword based search engines, all the way through the major updates of 2011 and 2012 to the present day.

Google’s evolution as a search engine has significantly changed the way in which SEO’s operate.  However, there are common denominators and very clear rules which they set out in the Webmaster Guidelines.   Understanding how Google operates is paramount to understanding WHY they have these guidelines and what to expect in the world of search.

Research, research, research.  Creating a list of relevant and lucrative keywords for a website is one of the first major steps in getting your SEO up and running.  This is not something to just breeze over.  We talk about user intention, competition, value, search volume and how to make sense of all your keywords so that you can avoid wasting time targeting the wrong ones.  Search volume is important, but not everything!  A practical session follows with one to one discussions about the types of keywords you might be looking to target and gives you the chance to make sure you are on the right lines.

Competitors are not there to be afraid of; no, they are there to learn from.  Competitors are a great resource for understanding what the industry considers to be the most lucrative search terms.  The likelihood is that they will have been engaging with some SEO and a large portion of this is visible to the public.  This module shows you how to take advantage of the work they have probably paid for and thus save both time and money.

Before we move onto inputting your keywords into the website we must first look at the structure of your site.  Not only is this one of the many factors to consider for SEO but is also very important for your conversion rate.  We have all been there, lost in the maze of a seemingly overcomplicated website!

During this module we also address issues such as  coding errors and loading speed using free tools.  Only once these have been looked at are we ready to move onto the the onsite optimisation.

An often overlooked aspect of SEO.  Onsite optimisation is the practice of making sure that search engines are very clear about what each page on your site is for.  It goes much further than simply making sure that your homepage Title Tag has keywords in it.  We use attendees’ sites as examples and run through the whole onsite optimisation process with practical sessions thrown in.
Since Google differentiated itself from the keyword based search engines with the PageRank algorithm links have become the most infamous aspect of SEO.  They are a powerful tool but can also incur the most significant penalties so caution is advised.  The initial session covering search engine theory acts as a foundation for understanding why links are important and why some links are considered spam.

Again, we use practical examples and spend time finding quality websites that might be applicable for the attendees.

Great content and social media go hand in hand.  Social metrics are on the rise in regards to SEO, and great content has been a focus for a number of years.  During this session we analyse the current content on your site and those of your competitors.  We also discuss ways in which the content could be altered, whether that be the tone or structure.

Social media platforms are a quick and easy way to spread the word about your site.  Without great content your social media will struggle….

During this session we look at content and social media strategies that have been successful in the past and brainstorm ideas that might be applicable to your site.

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