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All you need to know to get started

The ultimate SEO course for the beginner who wants to be able to learn SEO.  This 2 day workshop is specifically designed for those who know very little about SEO.  By the end of the 2 days you will be able to conduct thorough keyword and competitor research, plan an SEO strategy and implement the most important factors (both onsite and offsite).  No technical knowledge is required beforehand.

Over the 2 day course we take you from an SEO newbie to having a sound understanding the fundamental factors and issues behind search engine optimisation.  Not only will this enable you to conduct a lot of your SEO ‘in house’ but will also allow you to keep a very close eye on the work done by any third party and as such, you will be able to avoid any of the common pitfalls during an SEO campaign.

What is Covered?

We spend a large portion of the first morning running through the history of search engines, how they work and more importantly how Google specifically works.  We teach you about the original PageRank algorithm that set Google apart from other keyword based search engines and how this theory has had to evolve due to the manipulative spammy tactics that sprung up as a result.

Understanding how Google finds, crawls and indexes a website is a crucial step in understanding what factors they take into account when looking to rank a site.  Once these foundations have been set we can then move onto planning a campaign and explain tips to make your life easier when choosing your strategy.

In order to plan a campaign of any sort you need to have your facts right.  Without the correct information you can end up wasting a significant amount of time targeting the wrong factors.  Therefore, it is critical that you set yourself on the right path early on in the planning stage.  The relevant research and analytical skills and processes will also come in handy in subsequent months as you check up on your progress.

During this stage you will learn how to research work already completed by competitors in order to save time, identify the most valuable keywords for your website and structure them ready for implementation!

Now that the research has been completed, you can now use it to make your website more visible and easier to crawl by Google.  Initially, a look at how Google views your website will make sure that the website is as fool proof as possible.  Factors such as information architecture and coding errors will be addressed and where necessary rectified!

We then move onto actually implementing all the research that has been completed.  Structuring Meta Data, Alt tags, addressing any duplicate content issues and much more.

In simplistic terms, offsite optimisation usually refers to link building. Despite murmurs in the SEO landscape, link building is still a vital part of any SEO campaign and should be taken very seriously. We teach you how to link build using quality channels rather than those spammy alternatives which will result in future Google penalties.
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